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Connie Patrick, Brown County Ohio Treasurer


Welcome to our new website dedicated to simplifying tax payments! We're excited to have you here, and we're committed to making your tax experience seamless and hassle-free. Browse through our resources, find property information, and ensure a smooth journey as you navigate the world of real property.

You may request information by email at or phone 937-378-6705. For your convenience, you may continue to make tax payments by mail, drop box, via online or phone through Point and Pay. You must provide a parcel or account number with every payment. Payments made in office must be made using cash, check, or money order.

Brown County Treasurers have traditionally served as the local tax collector. However, tighter budgets and increasing demands at the local level have changed the duties of the County Treasurer and increased expectations for this important position.

Treasurer Patrick serves as the County's Chief Investment Officer, working with local financial institutions to keep the County funds safe and secure, while at the same time generating the best possible returns on the money. She also handles delinquent tax payment plans for taxpayers that find it difficult to pay their semi-annual tax bill. Another budgeting tool provided is the tax escrow program (TIP) that allows for the taxpayer to actually make monthly payments toward their upcoming tax bills, either by making payments directly to the Treasurer or through an automatic debit process at their bank. During the real estate tax collection period First State Bank and Merchant Bank locations in the county, also accept payments in person as a public service to our community. Treasurer Patrick is dedicated to the efficient management of her office and safeguarding of funds in her care.

Brown County Treasurer - Connie Patrick

800 Mt. Orab Pike Suite 171 Georgetown, Ohio 45121
Office Hours Mon. - Fri. 8 AM - 4 PM