Brown County Treasurer | Brown County, Ohio

Boards and Commissions

Board of Revision:

The Brown County Treasurer serves on this board with the Brown County Auditor and a Brown County Commissioner. Taxpayers who feel their property values are too high have an opportunity to file a complaint with the board and are able to appeal to the board for property value reduction.

Budget Commission:

The Brown County Treasurer serves on this commission with the Brown County Auditor and Brown County Prosecutor. The Budget Commission meets with all taxing districts, such as schools, townships and villages to establish and approve spending levels. The Commission also projects the revenue for the County and submits those results to the Brown County Commissioners. Based on the Budget Commission figures, the Brown County Commissioners allocate those monies to the various county offices for their operating expenses.

Investment Advisory Committee:

The Brown County Treasurer serves on this board with two Brown County Commissioners. The board establishes investment policy, procedure, and provides the Brown County Treasurer with direction relative to investments made. The Brown County Treasurer is the major investment authority within each county and provides the board with financial data, investment instruments, current and future interest rate schedules and advises the board on investments that will provide the best return on its monies while always keeping safety and liquidity as a primary goal.

Brown County Treasurer - Connie Patrick