Brown County Treasurer | Brown County, Ohio

Additional Programs

Tax Installment Payment Plan:

A program to ease the burden of the large semi-annual tax bill by providing taxpayers with partial payment plans. Payments can be made any time, for any amount (balance must be paid by the due date.) No service charge and no worry about being caught short when the next semi-annual tax bill is due.

Delinquent Tax Payment Option:

Provides taxpayers a contracted payment plan for the payment of delinquent taxes while maintaining payment of estimated future tax billings. The plan was developed to assist taxpayers who have been faced with financial problems and find themselves with delinquent tax balances. Taxpayers can now avoid foreclosure actions with the availability of the Delinquent Tax Payment Plan.

Automatic ACH Debit:

Allows taxpayers to set up monthly, semi-annual, or annual withdraws from their checking or savings account.

Brown County Treasurer - Connie Patrick